Menu: View results->Line Diagram

This result visualization option is only active when line elements are used in the mesh, and will only be represented over these line elements. When using this result visualization option, graph-style lines will be drawn over the line elements.

When drawing a Scalar Diagram , the graph-style lines are drawn on a plane parallel to the screen (with its normal vector pointing out of the screen) when this result view is selected. The positive 'axis' will be the vector resulting from the cross product between this normal vector and the one that the line defines.

When drawing a Vector Diagram , the graph-style lines are drawn on a plane that includes the result vector and the vector that the line defines. The graph-style lines represent the module of this vector. The positive 'axis' is also defined by the result vector. As modules are positive, to allow negative values, the input format for vector results allows the introduction of a fourth component: the signed vector module (see Postprocess results format: from Customization Manual).

For ComplexVectors, their real part or their imaginary part can be selected to be drawn if the Vector Diagram visualization is used. If the modulus of the whole vector is selected, then both parts are drawn simultaneously.

There is a Show Elevations option only accessible through the Right buttons menu under Results -> LineDiagram -> Options. Elevations are lines that connect the nodes and the gauss points of the line element and the graph-style line that represents the result.

Go to Preferences --> Postprocess --> Line diagrams to set and manage line diagram options, like the style which with they are drawn, etc. Line diagrams

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