Menu: View results->Display Vectors


This option displays a menu with results from vectors and matrices (where the principal values have been previously evaluated by the program). From the menu of variables, choose the one you wish to see displayed; it will be shown with the default analysis and step (this can be changed with the Default Analysis/Step option in the menu). Once a result is chosen, the program will display the nodal vectors of the chosen result. The vectors that are drawn can be scaled interactively. The factor can be applied several times and every time it changes to the new input value.

You can modify the colour of the vectors, which by default are drawn in green, so that all the vectors are drawn in the same colour, or you can let the color of the vectors vary according to the result module.

When drawing a matrix result (3x3 symmetrical), such as the stress tensor, only a single color representation of principal values is available: blue when negative (also drawn as >< representing compressions), and red when positive (also drawn as <> representing tensions).

A vector will be separated into its X, Y, and Z components and its module. So either the X, Y or Z component or the whole vector (represented by the module) can be drawn. Symmetrical matrices will be unfolded into: Si component, Sii component, Siii component, and 'All' components. Any of these components can be selected to be visualized. Si, Sii and Siii represent the eigen values and vectors of the matrix results which are calculated by GiD, and which are ordered according to the eigen value.

Local axes can also be drawn by means of their Euler angles.

Display vectors is supported for results defined over nodes or gauss points.

For ComplexVectors, their real part or their imaginary part can be selected to be drawn. If the modulus of the whole vector is selected, then both parts are drawn simultaneously.

For Complex Matrices, their real part or their imaginary part can be selected to be drawn.

Go to Preferences --> Postprocess --> Vectors to set and manage vector options, like the number of colours, the colours to be used, filter factor to reduce the amount of vectors drawn, etc. Vectors

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