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This option allows the visualization of colored zones, in which a variable or a component varies between two defined values. GiD can use as many colors as permitted by the graphical capabilities of the computer. When a high number of colors is used, the variation of these colors looks continuous, but the visualization becomes slower unless the Fast-Rotation option is used. A menu of the variables to be represented will be shown, and the one that is chosen will be displayed using the default analysis and step selected.

Vectors will be unfolded into their X, Y, and Z components and module. Symmetrical matrix values will be unfolded into the Sxx component, Syy component, Szz component, Sxy component, Syz component and Sxz component of the original matrix and also into the Si component, Sii component and Siii component in 3D problems or angular variation in 2D problems. Any of these components can be selected to be visualized.

Contour fill is supported for results defined over nodes or gauss points.

If the gauss points results can be globally smoothed, then a Smoothed sub-menu will be added with a list of the gaussian results, see View Results Menu

When using results defined over gauss points, they are extrapolated to the nodes so that discontinuities can appear between adjacent elements. If the gauss points results cannot be extrapolated to the nodes, they are drawn as coloured spheres. The radius and detail level of these spheres can be configured as well (see Point options ).

Go to Preferences --> Postprocess --> Contour fill and lines to set and manage contour fill and lines options, like the number of colours, the colour map used, etc. Contour fill and lines

Go to Preferences --> Postprocess --> Legend and comments to manage the legend options, like size and style. Legends and comments

Options toolbar:

Set maximum value

Set minimum value

Contour options

Scale result->Use logarithmic scale

Scale result->Multiplier factor

Scale result->Added factor

Reset Limit Values

contour fillsetting contour fill colorsGauss points in contour fill

Smooth contour fillGauss points smooth optionSmooth option for gaussian results