Menu: Utilities->Tools->Toolbars...

In this menu you can replace, show or hide GiD toolbars. They can be embedded in the main window or as a stand-alone window.

When you select this option, the following dialog appears:

Within this window you can choose where on the main window the toolbar is to be displayed - inside, outside, top left, bottom right, etc. - or you can switch it off. The GiD toolbars are:

  • Right buttons: These are the buttons that usually appear on the right-hand side of the window. They can perform most of the functions available in the program.
  • Command line: The bar where commands can be written using the keyboard. It usually appears at the bottom of the screen.
  • Up menu: The pull-down menus located above the graphical window.
  • Geometry & View bar and Standard bar: These are icon toolbars used to perform certain operations. Click the middle or right mouse button over an icon to get help.
  • View results bar (only in Postprocess): Icon toolbar related with results. Click the middle or right mouse button over an icon to get help.
  • Macros toolbar: This is an icon toolbar where default and user macros are placed.
  • Status & Information: Provides basic information at a quick glance.

Note: To make the Top menu bar appear again use the shortcuts Control-U or Control-Shift-u.