Menu: Utilities->Tools->Read batch window...

A batch file can be read to execute some functions (see Batch file) or to create an animated view of these operations. This latter case can be performed with the Read batch window.

Once a file is selected, it is possible execute it interactively, and make it stop at interesting points.

To allow all the movements (rotations and so on) be executed in the same way as originally, the Write rotations in batch option must be flagged in the preferences window (see Preferences ) when creating the batch.

There are several ways to halt the batch while it is running. One of them is to include stops in the show file section with the Mark break button, and selecting Internal stop. These marks can be saved in the batch file by clicking the Write... button.

The Show info option lets the program write all the usual messages in the GiD messages window.

Read batch window

batch window