Menu: Utilities->Tools->Coordinates window...

Status toolbar:

This option opens a window used to enter points (see Point definition). It can be used in any place where it is possible to enter a point.

To accept one point in this window, click Apply or press the Return key.

The Coordinate system option lets you select between:

  • Cartesian: Cartesian coordinate system.
  • Cylindrical: Enter the radius in the XY plane, the anti-clockwise angle in the XY plane from the x axis (theta), and the z coordinate.
  • Spherical: Enter the radius, the anti-clockwise angle in the XY plane from the x axis (theta), and the angle with the z axis (phi).

The Local axes option lets you choose:

  • Global: Global axes.
  • Relative center...: Define a center of coordinates. All new points created with this window will be related to this center. In the window where the relative center is entered, you can select a point from the graphical window with the Pick button.
  • Relative last: The last point entered is the relative center of coordinates.
  • Define new...: This lets you define a new local axes. Once defined, you can select it.

Create new point shows the current way of entering points. The Change button opens the preferences window (see Preferences) where it can be changed.

The Pick button allows you to select a point from the window which is then inserted in the point fields. From here it can be edited and used.

Coordinates window

Point enter window