Menu: Utilities->Tools->Animation controls...

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This windows lets you create animations while using GiD. Any of these formats can be selected: MPEG, AVI True Color, AVI 15bpp (reduced number of colors: 32768), GIF and FLV (Macromedia Flash Video). AVI with MJPEG compression is also supported. After giving a name and a delay time between frames (for 20 frames per second, a delay of 1/20 = 50 ms. should be entered) the process can be started by clicking on the start button (film roll and arrow icon); the green LED will change to red.

Simply click on the film roll and arrow button to add frame by frame the pictures you want to include in the animation. The Save redraws option tells GiD to save every redraw automatically to the animation file, so no user intervention is needed to store frames.

The animation can be finished at any time by clicking the end button (closed film roll icon); the red LED will change to green.

Note: To avoid problems when trying to view an MPEG format animation in Microsoft Windows, it is strongly recommended that you use the Default menu to select a 'standard' size and click the Resize button. The graphical window will change to this 'standard' size. When you have finished the animation, simply select Default on the menu and click the Resize button and the previous size will be restored.

Note: AVI files with MJPEG compression can be viewed with xanim on Linux and Unix machines, and with DirectX 8.x installed on Microsoft Windows machines.animate controls