Menu: Utilities->Renumber

When creating new entities, the label of the new entity will be the lowest number greater than 0 that still does not exist for this entity type. If an entity is deleted, a gap is left in the labels list. This gap will be filled with a new entity, but it is also possible to renumber the geometry, changing the previous entity labels. There are no problems with materials and conditions applied to entities.

In geometry mode, the renumbered entities are the geometrical ones.

In mesh mode, the renumbered entities are the mesh ones. In this case, renumbering not only fills the gaps in the labels list but also changes the node numbers so as to minimize the difference in node numbers within each element. This can be useful when the calculating module uses band or skyline storage methods.

The nodes renumeration algorithm can be set with the variable 'RenumberMethod' (see Preferences)

Accepted values are:

-2 : Avoid nodes and elements renumeration, entities numbers are set increasingly when they are generated.

-1 : Avoid nodes renumeration, nodes numbers are set increasingly when they are generated

0 : Geometrical algorimth, ordered by the distance to some coordinate. It is the default value

1 : Reverse Cuthill-McKee algorimth, similar to the previous one, but following element's connectivities

2 : ordered following the XYZ axes, interesting for special cases with geometry aligned to the axes

Note: When generating a mesh using GiD it is not necessary to use this command because it is automatically applied when generating the mesh.

Note: Negative numbers in this variable are understood as internal checks and tests, so they are not loaded from the model if it's meshing preferences are set.


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