Menu: Utilities->Preferences...


Note: There are many settings in GiD that have a predefined value, but that can be modified by the user. They can be accessed in one of two ways. Firstly, by opening the Preferences window from the Utilities pull-down menu, and secondly via the Variables command in the Utilities section of the Right buttons menu (the latter is also available in the Contextual mouse menu). Almost all the preferences variables are present in the Preferences window, but some advanced ones are only available in Variables command.

In the following section the different options available in the Preferences window are shown and their different settings explained.

Usually variables are graphically set trough the preferences window, but some unusual variables must be set from the lower command line, with this command:

Mescape Utilities Variables <varname> <varvalue>

if <varname> is not specified then the mouse contextual menu (see Mouse operations ) will show the list of available variables.