Menu: Files->Import->XYZ points...

With this option it is possible to read a set of geometric points. This format is ASCII and consists the coordinates of the points separated with spaces.

Note: If only 2 coordinates are specified, z=0 is assumed.

If 'Automatic collapse after import' was set, after the import near points will be joined, The variable ImportTolerance (see Preferences ) controls the joining distance.

The file browser allow some extra "Import options". Usually these options are hidden, press the arrow icon to show them

Collapse: It is possible to set that a collapse must be done after the importation, and its parameters (automatic or specified tolerance). If the collection of points is very big a collapse could be intersting to subsample them, and to avoid very close or repeated coordinates.

Triangulate: If this option is set then a Delaunay triangulation of the points will be done. (this triangulation is made in the xy plane projection)