Menu: Files->Import->Vtk voxels...

GiD can import a mesh from a file with Vtk structured data point format ( This format represent a scalar field over a rectilinear 3D grid.

Extra options:

In the "Vtk voxels read" dialog box we can specify the isosurface value for the boundary of the body we want to extract from the volume. Besides we can choose among 3 different methods:

  • Marching cube: the well known method marching cube for isosurface extraction is applied an the result is a triangle mesh on the boundary of the body.
  • Uniform Hexahedra: an uniform mesh of hexahedra fited to the boundary is generated applying a dual contour method.
  • Orthogonal Hexahedra: an orthogonal mesh of cubes is extracted from the volume selecting all the voxels withing the body bounded by the isosurface value.