Menu: View->Render

Mouse menu: Render

Status toolbar:

Using this option changes the way the model is viewed. There are three standard GiD render modes:

  • Normal: This is the usual way of viewing the image. You can see both the geometry and mesh including all definition lines.
  • Flat: Solid model with flat illumination and lines.
  • Smooth: Solid model with smooth illumination (better quality).

Several options related with render can be set:

Menu: View->Render->Change light dir

Mouse menu: Render->Change light dir

With this option you can change the VECTOR of the light direction interactively; this can also be done by entering the VECTOR components in the command line.

Menu: View->Render->Customize

Mouse menu: Render->Customize

You can define your own rendering with its own properties.

You can choose how to visualize each entity, and save these properties in a new Render mode, which will appear in the View->Render menu or in the mouse menu, next to standard GiD render modes.

Menu: View->Render->Reflection

Mouse menu: Render->Reflection

Activate or desactivate the refection defined.

Menu: View->Render->Define reflection

Mouse menu: Render->Define reflection

Visual effect to simulate a mirroring surface. A cubic environment with rectangular images is projected over the model.

The six images can be predefined patterns or user defined (from an image file).

Note: The quality of visualization is controlled via preferences (see Preferences).