Menu: View->Normals->Lines

Menu: View->Normals->Surfaces

With this command GiD draws the direction and sense of the normals of lines and surfaces.

  • Normals -> Lines: draws the direction of the selected lines. If the line lies on the plane z=0, GiD also displays the normal of the line in 2D.
  • Normals -> Surfaces: draws the normals of the selected surfaces. There are two ways of viewing surface normals: Normal (as an arrow) or Colored (the front and back faces of the surface are colored differently). Any surfaces belonging to the plane z=0 will, by default, have their normals oriented towards z positive. In this case, they are defined as anti-clockwise surfaces in 2D.

Viewing commands (zoom, rotation, etc.) can be applied and the normals will remain on the screen.

To swap the normal sense of lines or surfaces see Swap normals (only Preprocessing).


Lines sense swap

Lines normals