Menu: View->Label

Mouse menu: Label

With this option you can choose whether or not the entities should have their labels displayed. As suggested below, there are three options: show all entities with labels, show no entities with labels, or show some with and some without. The options are:

  • All/All in: All entities in the graphical window will have their labels displayed.
  • Select--> the options of this menu depends on the contents draw in GiD:
  • Geometry: selected points, lines, surfaces or volumes will show their labels;
  • Mesh preprocess: selected nodes or elements will show their labels;
  • Postprocess: selected nodes, elements or results will show their labels

(see Entity selection).

  • Off: No entity has its label displayed.

There is a graphical preference (see Preferences) to show the entity label, its layer name or both


Entities labels