Menu: View->Background image

GiD allows an image to be used as a background for visualization purposes (the supported image formats are gif, png, jpeg, tiff, bmp, tga and ppm). There are the following options:

  • Fit screen: an image will be shown in GiD's background window; it will be modified if necessary so that it fills the graphical window correctly.
  • Real size: the image will not be deformed; the image is placed in a plane. Three points must be entered: two of them to define the line where the bottom line of the image lies, and a stand-up point, which defines the upper direction of the image.

If a file with the same name as the image, and the appropiated extension exists, it is used to georeference the image

The extension must be:

  • tif or tiff --> .tfw
  • jpg or jpeg --> .jgw
  • png --> .pgw
  • gif --> .gfw
  • bmp --> .bpw

the content of this ASCII file must be:







The image coordinates are calculated as:



  • Default: use this option to restore the default background.
  • Show: checkbutton to set to show or not the current background image.

Background images are saved with the model from the 10.1.2d version

Background Image