Legends options

  • Draw legends: Legends can be switched on or off.
  • Draw title: With this option the result name of the current visualization appears at the top of the legend.
  • Opaque: Legends can be transparent, showing the result visualization behind them, or opaque.
  • Drawborder: If enabled, draws a box arround the legend and comments.
  • Num labels: Set the number of labels printed in the color scale of results, to identify color with value.
  • Draw user limits: If enabled, the maximum and minimum value of the legend will be surrounded with a box it these where fixed by the use
  • Draw outside: Activating this option, the legend is shown in a separate window, thus leaving more space in GiD's windows.

Comments options

  • Show comments: enable or disable visibility of comments.
  • Auto update with current result: If this option is activated, the comments at the bottom of the screem show an automatic content built from the type of analysis, the actual step and the kind of result (see Comments).
  • Custom defined comments: allows the user to define a custom comments.