General options

  • Display Style: For isosurfaces there is also a Display Style option, like for Volumes/Surfaces/Cuts. The available options are: All Lines, Hidden Lines, Body, Body Lines (see View style ).
  • Transparency: The isosurfaces can be set to Transparent or Opaque (see View style).
  • Color Mode: Allows the user to define the colours used to paint the iso surfaces:
  • Monochrome: All the isosurfaces are drawn with the same colour, which can be adjusted with 'Change colour'.
  • Mono color: Allows to define the colour of the monochrome isosurfaces, including the transparency factor.
  • Result color: Each isosurface is drawn with a colour indicating its value, the correspondence of which can be seen in the legend.
  • Contour fill color: The isosurfaces are drawn with the colour scale of the current contour fill, i.e., the current contour fill is also drawn over the isosurfaces. If no contour fill is displayed, then the monochrome colour is used.
  • Draw always: With this option the isosurfaces will be drawn although the mesh is switched off.
  • Show isolines: When the isosurface result option is selected, the isosurfaces of volume meshes are created ans isolines for surface meshes. With this option "Show isolines" the user can switch these isolines on or off.

These options also are used for isolines.