Note: You should be in Postprocess to configure this section.

Several postprocess options can be configured in this level:

Use results cache

Enable the use of the result's cache mechanism, to allow reading big result files, without load all of them simultaneously.

The Result's cache mechanism allows the analysis and visualization of lots of results which, otherwise, could not be held in memory. Instead of loading all results from the file(s), a certain amount of memory is used to load and unload the result values as they are needed. Look at the GiD advanced course for a more detailed explanation ( see Results' cache).

  • Use a maximum (MB) of: select the amount of memoy, in Megabytes, to be used as result's cache.
  • Use indexed binaries: for a faster, direct, access of the results in huge files.
  • Use indexed results information: save and read results information in the index files for a faster load time of huge results file(s).

Note: if for some reason an index file is corrupted or cannot be read in GiD, index files can be recreated when opening the file, see Open.

Healthy filter

  • To filter wrong coordinate numbers, avoiding them.

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