Granulay is a sphere or circle mesher included as an optional plugin.

It try to pack spheres with tangency. Spheres could cross a little the volume boundary.

It allow to specify particle redius based on statistical distributions.

The algorithm is based in this paper:

"Procedure of packing generic particles for the discrete element method"

Irvin Pérez Morales, Roberto Roselló Valera, Yordanis Pérez Brito, Harold Díaz-Guzmán Casañas y Carlos A. Recareu Morfa

Revista Internacional de Métodos Numéricos para Cálculo y Diseño en Ingeniería


Sphere and circle main options

  • Boundary tolerance factor: This parameter is a relative factor of the maximum element size, it is used to set the maximum distance to find a particle considered as belonging to the boundary. Value 1.0 (default) means that it will be considered as boundary all particles with distance to boundary less or equal to the maximum diameter defined.

  • Distribution Type: Allow select the kind of statistical distribution of the particle sizes to be obtained.
  • Gauss: Normal distribution
  • Exponential: Exponential distribution
  • Cauchy: Cauchy distribution
  • Flat: Uniform distribution (linear)
  • Constant: Uniform distribution with constant particle size

Some parameters are enabled only depending on the selected distribution

  • Standard deviation: Standar deviation of a gaussian distribution, relative to mean element's radius
  • Scale: Scale parameter for the Exponential, Cauchy and Rayleigh distributions
  • Minimum radius factor: Defines a factor related with the mean element's radius that is ised to calculate its minimum radius to be generated.
  • Maximum radius factor: Defines a factor related with the mean element's radius that is ised to calculate its maximum radius to be generated.

Advanced options

  • Random mesh: This option allows to define if we want to obtain the same meshs on each meshing. In case of select it each meshing will provide a different resulta because elements size will be obtained in a random way.
  • Prioritize: Allow to weight more for the meshing process to preserve more the boundary shape or the particles size.
  • Boundary fitting: Priorize adjust better the particles to the geometry boundary
  • Size distribution: Piorize ajust better the particle sizes to the selecte statistical distribution
  • High porosity: Selecting it allows to mesh with hight porosity values, then the slide widget sets the porosity value to be achieved.