Mesh / NoMesh

  • Mesh until End: If this preference is set, the mesh generator will continue until it has completed the meshing process, even if there are surfaces or volumes that cannot be meshed.
  • No Mesh Frozen layers: If this preference is set, entities belonging to a frozen layer will not be meshed.
  • Mesh always by default: this option Changes the default Mesh/NoMesh meshing criteria (Mesh NoMesh). Entities will always be meshed even if they have higher entities. Example: If surfaces are checked when meshing a volume, volume elements and surface elements will be obtained.


  • Smoothing: You can choose the level of smoothing required to enhance the mesh after the generation. It is applicable to unstructured meshes. Options are:

·Normal: only the standard laplacian-like smoothing is performed.

·HighAngle: an additional smoothing trying to improve the angle of the elements is performed.

·HighGeom: an additional smoothing with a chordal error criteria in order to adapt the mesh in high curvature areas of the model is performed.

  • Avoid elements with all its nodes in boundary: if this option is set, there won't be any element in the mesh which has all its nodes in the boundary of the geometrical entity. This is only applicable for unstructured meshes.
  • Allow quadrilateral dominant meshes: If this preference is set, unstructured quadrilateral mesh generator is allowed to use some triangles in the quadrilateral mesh in order to improve elements quality. This option only affect to the mesh of surfaces not belonging to any volume.