• Backup time (min): If this option is set and a model name is given, the model is saved automatically with the frequency given (in minutes). Note: The mesh is not saved in automatic backup to save time.

Record batch

  • Write batchfile: If this option is set and a filename is given, all commands used during the current session are saved to this file. It can be executed later by means of a script file with the predefined commands to be run in GiD (see Batch file).
  • Write rotations in batch: If this option is set and the batch file name is given, all dynamic rotations and movements are stored there as well. In this way you can see these movements when reading this batch file with 'Read batch window'.

Generic format

  • Real format: This option refers to the format used to print real numbers somewhere (e.g. in the coordinates display).


  • Number of threads to use: This is the number of threads GiD will use in the algorithms implemented in parallel. The parallelization of GiD follows the shared memory paradigm.


  • Reload last model: If set, when GiD is opened it reloads the last model that was saved.
  • Read and save view parameters of model automatically ( mesh styles, on-off selection, cuts): Enabling this option allows GiD to automatically read and save the current view parameters of the model or results files.
  • Read result visualization state ( contour fill, isosurfaces, vectors, etc.): If checked, tries to draw the last visualized result for the model.