The user can select the fonts for the diferent text objects with the Fonts panel in the preferences window.

In postprocess a new fonts management system has been implemented. Now GiD uses directly True Type Fonts (R) to draw text inside the postprocess graphical windows.

This allows to draw the characters with smoothed edges.

Graphical postprocess fonts

Used to draw text in the graphical windows (OpenGL):

  • Legend / Comments font: used to draw the legend and comments.
  • Labels font: used to draw the nodal, elemental, results o minimum and maximum labels.
  • Graphs font: used to draw the labels on graphs.
  • Asian font: used to draw the text when special charactes are detected, which requires special utf-8 codes.
  • Quick bitmap font: used to draw fonts when needed.
  • Render mode: allows to enable or disable the smooth edge drawing.

The True Type Fonts used in GiD are the free ones provided with GiD and the ones provided by the system: %WINDIR%\fonts in Microsoft Windows, and several directories in Linux (remember to install the true type fonts, or free type fonts from your favorite package administrator).