All commands may be entered via the command line (found at the bottom of the GiD window) by typing the full name or only part of it (long enough to avoid confusion with other commands); commands are not case-sensitive. Any function from the Right buttons menu can be used by typing all or part of its name in the command line. Special commands are also available for viewing (zoom, rotation and so on) and these can be typed or used at any time when working from within another function. A list of these special commands is given in View (see View Menu).

Commands entered by typing are word oriented. This means that the same operation is achieved if one writes the entire command and then presses enter or if one writes a part of it, presses enter and then writes the rest.

All these typed commands can be retrieved using of the up arrow (to recover past commands) and down arrow (to return to more recent commands).

Command line

Word oriented

Arrows operations