GiD offers a window for entering points in order to create geometries easily, defining fixed or relative coordinates as well as different reference systems - cartesian, cylindrical or spherical.

The coordinates of a point can be entered either in the enter points window or in the command line by following one of two possible formats:

  • The format: x,y,z
  • The format: x y z
  • Coordinate z can be omitted in both cases.

    The following are valid examples of point definitions:

    5.2,1.0 5.2,1

    8 9 2 8 9,2

    All of a point's coordinates can be entered as local or global and through different reference systems in addition to the cartesian one.

  • Local/global coordinates
  • Cylindrical coordinates
  • Spherical coordinates
  • Coordinates

    Entering points by coordinates