plugins folder

It is possible to extend GiD with new features implemented in Tcl scripting language, by adding this .tcl files to the folder \plugins of GiD

All Tcl files inside this folder will be automatically sourced when starting GiD.

It is hightly unrecommended to modify or add any script to the \scripts GiD folder, because this changes will be lost when installing new versions.

templates folder

All .bas files of this folder will be showed in the Files->Export->Using template .bas (only mesh) menu

This .bas templates are text files with a syntax explained in the Template File from Customization Manual section, used to export GiD data of mesh (and maybe other attached data).

dump.bas is an example template that write in a simple way most of the GiD mesh and attached data information.

problemtypes folder

This folder must contain customizations of GiD to handle external third part solvers (see Customization Manual)


Each user and gid version has its own copy of some GiD settings (like preferences variables, window sizes and macros).

This information is saved in a file named 'gid.ini' that is stored in a different place depending on the platform


Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<current user>\Application Data\GiD\<version>\gid.ini

Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8/10: C:\Users\<current user>\AppData\Roaming\GiD<version>\gid.ini

Linux / Mac OS X: $(HOME)/.gid/<version>/gid.ini

And by default some Windows folders like "Application Data" are hidden. (and for Linux filenames starting by . like .gid are hidden)

This settings are automatically saved when exiting GiD, and loaded when starting.

Note: at scripting level the Tcl command GiD_GetUserSettingsFilename could be used to get the appropiated filename