Menu: Help->Register from file

This option is used to register GiD and all problem types stored in a *.pwd file. This option is interesting in order to register several modules and GiD in a single step.

The contents of a .pwd multiple passwords file is simply a text file with a line for each password with this syntax:

machine password # Password for GiD

machine password # Password for module 'problemtype_a.gid'

machine password # Password for module 'problemtype_b.gid'


where :

  • machine is the machine name shown by Help->Register GiD... in this computer.
  • password is the local password for this machine, without - separators.
  • In case of floating licences 'machine and password' are replaced by the 'IP' of the 'passerver' password server.
  • 'problemtype_x.gid' is the relative path of the problemtype (relative from the \problemtypes folder).

Note: the sentence "Password for module" must be used for problemtype passwords only, otherwise it will be considered as a password for GiD.