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With this command, a project previously saved with Save or with Save ASCII project can be opened.


Reads postprocess information in GiD. If, for instance, the postprocess files are 'PostFile.msh' and 'PostFile.res' and a view file is present with the name 'PostFile.vv' then it will be also read.

For big results files, GiD will use an index file to access the results information faster.

When Reading a file, under the 'Postprocess read options' this index can be rebuild:

The postprocess information can be in ASCII ( Filename.msh and Filename.res), in binary ( Filename.bin), in HDF5 ( Filename.h5) or a file list ( Several.lst) specifying the post-process files to read.

The list file can be used to read several postprocess files at once. This includes both mesh, results and graphs files. The list file is just a text file, for a description of it's format please look at the Customization Manual under POSTPROCESS DATA FILES -> List file format.

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