Reads a set of points from an text file. It reads also compressed text files.

Several options can be adjusted in the import file dialog box:

By default, lines with three real numbers separated bu spaces are imported.

  • Comments starts with: specify the comment character to skip lines, for instance # will skip lines starting with this characted
  • Format of lines: if the coordinates of the points are defined in a specific format, the user can enter here a C/C++ string format to parse the coordinates, for instance:

%g %g %g will read X Y Z coordinates separated by spaces

%g, %g, %g will read X Y Z coordinates separated by commas

%*d %g %g %g will read X Y Z coordinates after discarting the first 'index'

  • Create delaunay mesh after import: if enabled, after importing the points a triangle / tetrahedral mesh will be created using the delaunay mesher.

ascii xyz importxyz importcloud points meshingdelaunay mesh of point clouds