Menu: Files->Import->Plugins

This kind of plugins are compiled dynamic libraries that fit the prototype defined by GiD to do specialized thinks.

The loading/unloading mechanism works for all platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac OS X), but off course a compiled library is only valid for its platform.

Currently it only exists in GiD a category of plugins: To create postproces mesh and nodal results.

Together with the GiD installation, following import plug-ins are provided: (to be used and also as developer example)

• OBJ: Wavefront Object format from Wavefront Technologies

• OFF: Object file format vector graphics file from Geomview

• PLY: Polygon file format, aka Stanford Triangle Format, from the Stanford graphics lab.

• PLY-tcl: this plug-in is the same as the above PLY one but with a tcl's progress bar showing the tasks done in the library while a ply file is imported.