Menu: Files->Export->Cut...

Saves cut planes, cut wires and iso-surface mesh cuts so that the same cuts can be used among several postprocess meshes. Cut spheres can also be saved.

The information stored to the file from a 'Cut Plane' is the plane equation that defines the plane ( Ax + By + Cz + D = 0), so it can be used with several models. The information stored in the file from a 'Cut Wire' is the points list of the cut-wire, i.e. the intersection between the wire and the edges of the meshes/sets. These files are standard ASCII files. A line of a 'Cut Plane' archive contains the four coefficients of the plane that defines the cut, separated by spaces. A line of a 'Cut Wire' archive contains the three coordinates of a point of the wire. Comment lines are allowed and should begin with a '#'.

An example of a 'Cut Plane' file where three planes were written:

# planes created from a 'cut succession'

-10.82439 0.5740206 0 51.62557

-10.82439 0.5740206 0 12.45994

-10.82439 0.5740206 0 -26.70569

An example of a '2D polygonal cut' file:

-2.444425 3.883427 2.487002

2.130787 2.762815 3.885021

0.8411534 4.458836 3.215301

4.270067 3.795048 2.037187

5.66561 3.414776 0.8219391

2.945865 3.600701 3.29012

0.4487007 3.764661 3.574121