• C / C++ language:

Include the file header file gidpost.h to use the libray gidpost

#include "gidpost.h"

Small examples:

  • testpost.c, is provided to show the use of the library from C/C++.
  • testpost_fd.c that use the *f functions where the file handler is explicitly specified (to allow multiple files)
  • IGA_test_1.c, to show the use of OnNurbsSurface isogeometric results

  • FORTRAN language:

A small example, called testpostfor.f, is provided to show the use of the library with FORTRAN 77

the same case is implemented with FORTRAN 90 in the example testpost.f90, using the gidpost.F90 interface module

Note: The gidpost fortran 90 module use the new ISO_C_BINDING intrinsic module defined in the Fortran 2003 standard.

(Tested in intel fortran >= 10.1, Sun/Oracle studio >= 12.1, and GNU gfortran >= XX)

Link libraries: gidpost.lib zlib.lib hdf5.lib (Linker - Input - Additional Dependencies)

and remember set the path to these libraries (e.g. Linker - General - Additional Library Directories - ..\..\binaries\win\x32)

Note: the hdf5.lib library is only required to write files with HDF5 format.

Note: For Linux platforms the extension of libraries is .a instead of .lib