From version 2.6 to 2.7

  • Added support for MeshGroups ( BeginMeshGroup(), End..., BeginOnMeshGroup(), End...) in HDF5 as used in GiD, useful for dynamic meshes, refinement, multi-stage simulation, etc.
  • All non implemented functions for HDF5 now return -1, i.e. all GiD_fXXX() functions.

From version 2.5 to 2.6

  • Added support for ComplexMatrix Result types.
  • More exhaustive example and some corrections.

From version 2.4 to 2.5

  • Default format to print real numbers changed from "%g" to "%.9g" increasing the amount of significant digits to be printed in ASCII.
  • New funcion GiD_PostSetFormatReal to allow change the default format of real numbers.

From version 2.3 to 2.4

  • Allow write OnNurbsSurface results for isogeometrical analysis

From version 2.1 to 2.3

  • Allow use HD5 from FORTRAN interface
  • Fixed bug with mesh group

From version 2.0 to 2.1

  • Allow write complex scalar and complex vector results
  • Write units of mesh or results
  • Enhanced FORTRAN 77 and 90 interface to be more compatible.

From version 1.7.2 to 2.0

  • New set of functions "GiD_fxxx" that allow specify the file to write, in case of have multiple files of mesh or results.
  • Library rewritten in C avoiding C++ to be more compatible linking with other languages.
  • Optional define of HDF5 to enable write postprocess files using the HDF5 library

Old changes


* Updated cfortran to release 4.4


* changing to release 1.8

* M build/Jamroot, source/gidpost.cpp source/gidpostInt.h: removed C++ dependencies.


* source/gidpost.cpp:

- GiD_OpenPostMeshFile should not write a header. Thanks to Janosch Stascheit <>

- invalid access in GiD_BeginMeshGroup: should ensure that a valid mesh file object is available so etMeshFile() should be called

before writting. Thanks to Janosch Stascheit <> for providing the fix.


* source/gidpost.cpp: GiD_BeginOnMeshGroup should be "OnGroup \"%s\"" instead of "Group \"%s\"". Thanks to Janosch Stascheit



* source/gidpost.cpp: GiD_WritePlainDefMatrix can be written in binary files.


* GiD_Sphere and GiD_Circle


* source/ Write2DMatrix is now available on binary format, Z component is set to 0.


* source/gidpostfor.c: bug reported by a user: GiD_Begin3DMatResult must be ncomp = SetupComponents(6, not 4 Factoring fortran declaration in gidpostfor.h

Defining symbols for both gcc and icc.


* doc/*:

* sources/gidpost.cpp,gidpost.h: included pyramid element.


* tag 1.7: rel_1_7

* examples/testpost.c: fixed a bug, AsciiZipped must has the mesh

file in ascii format.


* gidpost.h: dllexport.


* all: GiD_BeginMeshColor, GiD_BeginMeshGroup, GiD_EndMeshGroup,

GiD_BeginOnMeshGroup, GiD_EndOnMeshGroup


* doc:

* gidpost.h : documented GiD_ResultDescriptionDim


* gidpost* : added support to new type specification for result

groups. The type could be Type:dim, where Type is one valid result

type and dim is a number giving a valid dimension. Updated fortran

interface for recently added functions.


* all: new version 1.60. "Result Groups" can now be written. The

macro USE_CONST can be used to enable (if defined) or desable (if

not defined) the use of const char* arguments.


* all: ha sido un error cambiar de 'char *' a 'const char *'


* gidpost.cpp: flag_begin_values = 0; must be set in



* gidpost.h:

* gidpost.cpp: values_location_{min,max} not needed, CBufferValue

* gidpostInt.cpp: now controls the types of results written within

* gidpostInt.h: a ResultGroup.


* gidpost.cpp: in GiD_WriteVectorModule, when writing if we are

inside a ResultGroup block the module value is ignored.

* gidpostInt.cpp: in CBufferValues::WriteValues, buffer overflow

is checked after checking for change in location.


* gidpost.cpp:

* gidpostInt.cpp:

* gidpostInt.h: fixed a bug when writing results in a "Result

Group", vectors can be 3 or 4 component long.

* examples/testpost.c : bug when passing location id in result

group sample code.


* source/gidpost.{h,cpp} including Prism element

* doc/gidpost.{html,subst} including Prism element documentation.

* all: change to version 1.52


* all: constification, version change from 1.5 to 1.51


* source/gidpostInt.cpp: fixed a bug when writing 3D vectors.


* source/gidpost.cpp added const char and a filter to remove

double quotes from names which can cause problems within gid.


* doc/gidpost.html : commented the GiD_ResultUnit

* source/gidpost.h : interface because it is not

* source/gidpostfor.c: supported yet inside GiD.


* doc/gidpost.html: updated documentation for release 1.5

* binary/gidpost.lib: binary release for windows


* gidpost.h:

* gidpost.cpp:

* gidpostfor.c: new function 'GiD_WriteCoordinates2D' (to write

coordinates in 2D but only in ASCII format, the function can be

used in binary but the library provide the 'z' cordinate a zero.


* gidpost.h:

* gidpost.cpp: removed 'char * UnitName' argument , new functions:

GiD_BeginResultHeader, GiD_ResultRange, GiD_ResultComponents,

GiD_ResultUnit, GiD_BeginResultGroup, GiD_ResultDescription,

GiD_ResultValues, GiD_FlushPostFile. Validation in debug mode.

* gidpostInt.h:

* gidpostInt.cpp: new member

CPostFile::WriteValues( int id, int n, double * buffer), new class

CBufferValues to write the values in a result group, validation in

debug mode.

* gidpostfor.c: updated fortran interface for the new


* testpost.c:

* testpostfor.f: added test code for the new functionality.