int GiD_fResultDescription(GiD_FILE fd, const char * Result, GiD_ResultType Type);

int GiD_fResultDescriptionDim(GiD_FILE fd, const char * Result, GiD_ResultType Type, size_t dim);

Description: Define a result member of a result group given the name and

result type. The second prototype enable us to specify the dimension of

the result types. Most of the types do not allow more than one

dimension. Bellow if the set of valid dimensions for the argument dim given

the value of Type:

- Scalar : 1 (GiD_fWriteScalar)

- Vector : 2 (GiD_fWrite2DVector), 3(GiD_fWriteVector) or 4 (GiD_fWriteVectorModule)

- Matrix : 3 (GiD_fWrite2DMatrix) or 6 (GiD_fWrite3DMatrix)

- PlainDeformationMatrix : 4 (GiD_fWritePlainDefMatrix)

- MainMatrix : 12 (GiD_fWriteMainMatrix)

- LocalAxes : 3 (GiD_fWriteLocalAxes)


See GiD_fBeginResult.



See GiD_fBeginResultGroup


See GiD_fBeginResultGroup