GiD_FILE GiD_fOpenPostResultFile(const char * FileName, GiD_PostMode Mode);

Description: Open a new post result file and return its file handler, to allow subsequent call to

functions write the information into the desired file. If there is no mesh file opened then the output of the mesh is writen into this file also.


char* FileName

name of the mesh file (*.post.res)

GiD_PostMode Mode

GiD_PostAscii=0 for ascii output

GiD_PostAsciiZipped=1 for compressed ascii output

GiD_PostBinary=2 for compressed binary output

GiD_PostHDF5=3 for HDF5 output (the library must be compiled with HDF5 support)

Note: In binary output, the mesh must be inside the same file as the results,

you should not call GiD_fOpenPostMeshFile and GiD_fClosePostMeshFile in

that case.



fd=GiD_fOpenPostResultFile( "",GiD_PostBinary);