The screen show something wrong: the screen is not painting or show some garbage, etc

Tipically, these type of problems are caused by the graphics acceleration card.

Search in the web page of your card if there are actualized drivers for your graphic card.

A possibility to avoid the problem is the following:

Go to the GiD menu Utilities->Preferences...

and in the "Graphical->System" tab select the "Safe visualization mode"

Some problems could be solved also setting "Selection lines by software (emulateFronBuffer)"

Another method to do it:

Try to start "Repair GiD" (from the start menu) and use 'Activate Software OpenGL'

If the problem persists, try to deactivate the graphic hardware acceleration on Windows

(Screen properties->Advanced options->Solve problems)

Also can try a different colour resolution (select 32 bits of colour for example)

Check also See Support of 3D graphic cards.