If a GiD client is not able to get a floating password could be by several reasons, like

1- Check that the GiD version (see Help->About GiD…) match your password.

e.g a 14.x password won't be valid for 13.x versions

2- Check that you have set in GiD client (Help->Register GiD... window) the right server IP

This IP is stored in a text file at <GiD>/scripts/TemporalVariables

3- Verify that passerverd process is running in the server, that it has licences and are not all currently used

(can see it with the auxiliary program “passerver-conf”)

Do you have only 1-simultaneous user, close other GiD client that is using the licence, if any.

4- Check that the client has Internet connection with the server machine,

e.g. use the console command

ping <server_ip>

5- Check that the client is allowed to connect in the port 7073. Maybe the server has a firewall that is forbidding external connections to this port, this is useful.

Try temporary disabling the firewall, to verify if this is the problem, and finally enable again the firewall but add a rule to allow the incoming connections with passerverd at the port 7073

The most common cause of connection problems is the last one, the presence or a firewall forbidding the connection.