• Do you have any plans to allow geometric information to be incorporated into the customization files, so that mesh optimisation can be coupled to the solver?

There is now one feature in GiD (field #FUNC# in conditions definition) that allows to write the number of every geometric entity for every element in the mesh. Then, you can get the geometry with any command like write ASCII or whit the order *tcl inside the bas file, and you have the relationship.

To do remeshing, it is available to read a background mesh file (of triangles or tetrahedras), containing the description of the new mesh sizes desired.

To do optimisation of shapes is a more difficult problem. We are thinking on several ways to do it. One of them would be that the solver gave, as output, one description of the desired movement of the mesh and then, apply this movement to the geometry. We would appreciate any feedback that you can give to us.