It is possible to export the mesh and the boundary conditions just by pressing one button (Files->Export->Write ascii). The problem is the output format. Every calculations program has its own input format and GiD is not prepared to know all these formats. The solution is one of:

  • Output from GiD in one format and make external conversion to another one.
  • Define or modify one GiD 'problemtype' to suit your needs. In this way, GiD will know what information should the user enter (boundary conditions, materials, ...), and GiD would write the calculations file in the exact format you need. We include several examples of problemtypes with the GiD instalation, to help people to develop their owns.
  • There are already interfaces with LS-DYNA3D, NASTRAN, Abaqus, and a basic one to SAP2000, ANSYS, Fluent and OpenFOAM. Contact CIMNE for further information.

The second solution is the recommended one. Many times, a slight modification in the 'problemtype' code by the user, can be made in minutes and obtain very easily the desired files. To do so, check the customization part in the help and check the 'problemtypes' given as a example.

To export only the mesh (not condions, etc), it exist a standard directory /templates with some simple templates *.bas (see customization)to write the mesh in several formats: STL, VRML, NASTRAN, DXF. A user can add more user-defined templates to this directory.