Question: I assign X condition on some nodes and then assign Y condition on some nodes(include some nodes I select when assign X condition),then I write a calculate file,those nodes I select both when I assign X condition and Y condition only have Y condition value,but the X condition is lost.Could you tell me the reason?

Response: If you desire to apply a same condition (same name with different values) more of one times to a entity, this condition must be declared as CANREPEAT: yes in the *.cnd file.

If CANREPEAT: no (default), then the second same condition replaces the first:

Sample *.cnd:


CONDTYPE: over lines

CONDMESHTYPE: over face elements


QUESTION: X_preassure


HELP: 2D case, X force for length unit

QUESTION: Y_preassure


HELP: 2D case, Y force for length unit


Inside the bas file also exist a *CanRepeat keyword:

If command *CanRepeat is added after *nodes or *elems in *Set cond, one entity can be several times in the entities list of the loop. If command *NoCanRepeat is used, entities will be just once in the entities list.

By default, *CanRepeat is off except for the case of one condition that have the *CanRepeat flag already set.

Sample *.bas:

*Set Cond Face-Load *elems *canrepeat

*# if canrepeat is missing, it is assumed by default in this case,

*# because Face-Load have CANREPEAT: yes

*loop elems *OnlyInCond

Elem number=*elemsnum, Nodes of the loaded face= *globalnodes Px=*cond(X_preassure) Py=*cond(Y_preassure)

*end elems