There are different kind of GiD licences:

  • Local licence:

GiD is licensed per one machine and platform basis. This means that every machine should have its own license and that if one machine has both, linux and Windows, two licenses are required. For every machine there can be as many users as desired using the program at the same time.

  • USB licence:

The licence is attached to an USB memory stick device. GiD client can run in the machine where this device is currently plugged.

The same licence works for a Windows, Linux or Mac OS X machine.

  • Floating licence:

A sever machine with 'PasServer' installed can serve a limited number of floating licences to its GiD clients, than must have a net connection to the server.

The client machines must use a different operating system than the server machine.

There are two methods of payment: by FAX and by Internet & Credit Card. Both of them are good and secure. Probably, by internet is a little bit faster.

Also, you can buy the complete kit with the manuals, USB devices, etc. or just the license.

Our general considerations about licenses is that if during the first year of the purchase something happens, we give another license to install GiD again. We are confident with the people and we trust the costumer that the old license will no longer be used.