GiD_Project view <option> ?<value>?

To handle view parameters

<option> could be


if <value> is provided then the value is set, else the current values are get

  • GiD_Project view clip_planes_x ?{left right}?

Lleft and right clip planes, real values

  • GiD_Project view clip_planes_y ?{top bottom}?

Top and bottom clip planes, real values

  • GiD_Project view clip_planes_z ?{near far}?

Near and far clip planes

  • GiD_Project view clip_planes_margin ?value?

Margin between view and model box

  • GiD_Project view rotation_vector ?{x y z}?

Rotation vector

  • GiD_Project view rotation_factor ?value?

Rotation factor

  • GiD_Project view rotation_matrix ?{v11 ... v44}?

Rotation matrix (4x4)

  • GiD_Project view rotation_center ?{x y z}?

Rotation center

  • GiD_Project view perspective_distance ?value?

Perspective distance

  • GiD_Project view perspective_ortho_near ?value?

Perspective near plane

  • GiD_Project view perspective_ortho_far ?value?

Perspective far plane

  • GiD_Project view perspective_factor ?value?

Perspective factor

  • GiD_Project view perspective_view ?0|1?

1 if perspective conical visualization mode is active, 0 if false


Current view mode

  • GiD_Project view render_mode ?value?

Current render mode (integer)

  • GiD_Project view ligth_vector ?{x y z ?w?}

Light direction.

If w is missing the is defaulted to 0.0 and the ligth will be directional