This command is only valid for preprocess

GiD_Cartesian get|set ngridpoints|boxsize|corner|dimension|coordinates|iscartesian|auto_calculated <values>

To get and set cartesian grid properties

  • ngridpoints: the number of values of the grid axis on each direction x, y,z (3 integers)
  • boxsize: the size of the box of the grid on each direction (3 reals)
  • corner: the location of the lower-left corner of the grid box (3 reals)
  • dimension: the dimension of the grid: 2 for 2D or 3 for 3D
  • coordinates: the list of grid coordinates on each direction (nx+ny+nz reals)
  • iscartesian: (valid only for get) return 1 if current mesh is cartesian, 0 else.
  • auto_calculated GEOMETRY|MESH|GEOMETRY_AND_MESH <mesh_size>: (valid only for set) to fill in the GiD-calculated automatic values, based on the current geometry and/or mesh and the general mesh size to be used.