GiD_Graph clear|create|delete|edit|exists|get|hide|list|show

To create, delete or get postprocess graphs:

All commands accept an optional parameter <graphset_name>, else the current graphset is assumed.

  • clear?<graphset_name>?: delete all graphs in GiD;
  • create <graph_name> <label_x> <label_y> <x_values> <y_values> <x_unit> <y_unit> ?<graphset_name>?: creates the graph "graph_name" with the provided information, causing an error if the graph already exists: for instance the graph of the picture was created with

GiD_Graph create "My graph" "x values" "y values" {0 1 2 3} {0.5 2.1 -4.5 8.8} "" ""

  • delete <graph_name>?<graphset_name>?: deletes the graph "graph_name" causing an error if does not exists;
  • edit <graph_name> <label_x> <label_y> <x_values> <y_values> <x_unit> <y_unit> ?<graphset_name>?: modify a the graph with the new values, but without lost other settings like line color, etc.
  • exists <graph_name>?<graphset_name>?: return 1 the graph "graph_name" exists.
  • get <graph_name> ?<graphset_name>?: gets a list with the values of the graph with name "graph_name", the values are the same used to create a graph: <label_x> <label_y> <x_values> <y_values>
  • get_name <num> ?<graphset_name>? : get the name of the graph with global identifier <num>. If <graphset_name> is specified then the graph is only find in this graphset instead of all graphsets.
  • hide?<graphset_name>?: hides the graphs and switches back to mesh view.
  • list ?<graphset_name>?: gets a list of the existent graphs, an empty list if there is no graph.
  • selection get|swap| set <value> <graph_name>: set or get the flag of selection of the graph. <value> is must be 0 or 1 and is only needed in case of set. swap change the current selection state to the opposite one. Selected graphs are showed in red color.
  • show?<graphset_name>?: switches the graphic view and shows the graphs.