GiD_GraphSet create|current|delete|edit|exists|list

To create, delete or get postprocess graphs sets:

A graphset is a container of graphs sharing the same x, y axes

  • create ?<graphset_name>?: creates a new graph set. If the name is not provided an automatic unused name is assigned. The name of the graph set is returned.
  • current ?<graphset_name>?: get or set the current graph set. There is always a current graph set.
  • delete <graphset_name>: deletes the graphset "graphset_name".
  • edit <graphset_name> name|legend_location|title_visible <new_value> : modify the property of the graph set.

name: is the graphset identifier name

legend_location: 0 - to not show the graph legend

1 - to show the legend on the top-right (default)

2 - to show the legend on the top in a single line, like a title

title_visible: 0 or 1, to print or not in the legend also the graphset name

  • exists <graphset_name>: return 1 the graph set "graphset_name" exists;
  • list : gets a list of the existent graph sets;