GiD_Units edit|get magnitude_units|magnitudes|model_unit_length|system ?<value>?

To allow get or modify units and magnitudes.

Note: units doesn't exists without load a problemtype that define them

  • GiD_Units get magnitude_units <magnitude>

Returns the list of allowed units for the <magnitude> (of the current unit system)

<magnitude> must be one of the values returned by [GiD_Units get magnitudes]

  • GiD_Units get magnitudes

Returns the list of defined magnitudes

  • GiD_Units get system

To return the current units system string


GiD_Units get system

-> SI

  • GiD_Units edit system <value>

To set the current units system


GiD_Units edit system imperial

  • GiD_Units get model_unit_length

To return the current geometry length unit string.

This unit declare the length unit of the coordinates of the geometry or mesh


GiD_Units get model_unit_length

-> m

  • GiD_Units edit model_unit_length <value>

To set the current geometry length unit.

<value> must be one of the values returned by [GiD_Units get magnitude_units <length_magnitude>]

Where <length_magnitude> must be the length magnitude name. This name depends on the problemtype units definition (L, LENGTH, or others)


GiD_Units edit model_unit_length mm