GiD_ModifyData ?-book? material|condition|intvdata|gendata|localaxes ?<name>? <values>

To change all field values of materials, interval data or general data:

  • <name> is the material name or interval number;
  • <values> is a list of all the new field values for the material, interval data or general data.

if -book is specified then this value is the new book name, and could be applied only to material or condition


GiD_ModifyData material Steel {2.1e6 0.3 7800}

GiD_ModifyData intvdata 1 ...

GiD_ModifyData gendata ...

GiD_ModifyData -book material Steel my_new_book

GiD_ModifyData localaxes <condition_name> ?geometry|mesh? <entity_ids...> <entiy_euler_angles...>

To change the 3 euler angles of the local axis of a condition <condition_name> attached to entities of geometry or mesh.

  • <condition_name> is the name of the condition (local axis are associated to a condition with an special #LA# field)
  • <entity_ids...> is a list (objarray) of integers with the ids of the entities (of the type as the condition was defined over geometry or mesh)
  • <entiy_euler_angles...> is a list (objarray) of reals with the consecutive 3 values to set to each entity of the list.

The amount of angles must 3*amount of ids