GiD_IntervalData <mode> ?<number>? ?copyconditions?

To create, delete or set interval data;

  • <mode> must be 'create', 'delete' or 'set';
  • <number> is the interval number (integer >=1).

Create returns the number of the newly created interval and can optionally use 'copyconditions' to copy to the new interval the conditions of the current one.

For create mode, if <number> is supplied the new interval is inserted in this location, else is append to end.

For set mode, if <number> is not supplied, the current interval number is returned.


set current [GiD_IntervalData set]

GiD_IntervalData set 2

set newnum [GiD_IntervalData create]

set newnum [GiD_IntervalData create copyconditions]

set newnum [GiD_IntervalData create $i_insert copyconditions]