GiD-Tcl special commands to create and delete materials and conditions:

GiD_CreateData create|delete material|material_base|condition ...

To create or delete materials or conditions:

GiD_CreateData create material <basename> <name> <values>

To create a material with the same question fields as a base material but different values:

  • <basename> this only applies to the create material operation, and is the base material from which the new material is derived;
  • <name> is the name of material itself;
  • <values> is a list of all field values for the new material.

GiD_CreateData delete material|material_base <name>

To delete a material

GiD_CreateData create material_base <name> {{question_1 ... question_n} ?{value_1 value_n}?}

To create a base material: (define the fields of a new material to be used to derive new materials from it)

  • <name> is the name of material;
  • <questions> and <values> are lists of all questions and values for the new material. If values are missing empty values are used.

GiD_CreateData create condition <name> <over_geometry> <over_mesh> {{question_1 ... question_n} ?{value_1 value_n}?}

To create a condition:

  • <over_geometry> must be ovpnt|ovline|ovsurf|ovvol|ovlayer|ovgroup
  • <over_mesh> must be ovnode|ovbodyelem|ovfaceelem

GiD_CreateData delete condition <name>

To delete a condition:


set id_material [GiD_CreateData create material Steel Aluminium {3.5 4 0.2}]

GiD_CreateData delete material Aluminium

set id_condition [GiD_CreateData create condition surface_pressure ovsurf ovfaceelem {{pressure} {0.0}}]

GiD_CreateData delete condition surface_pressure