GiD_AccessValue ?-index? set|get ?-default? material|condition|intvdata|gendata ?<name>? <question> ?<attribute>? <value>

To get or set some field values of materials, interval data or general data:

if -index is specified then the material of condition number will be expected instead of its name

if -default is specified then the get option returns the default value instead of the current value

(the default value is value set in the problemtype file)

  • <name> is the material, condition name or interval number (not necessary for gendata);
  • <question> is a field name;
  • <attribute> is the attribute name to be changed (STATE, HELP, etc.) instead of the field value;
  • <value> is the new field or attribute value.


GiD_AccessValue set gendata Solver Direct

set mass [GiD_AccessValue -index get material $material_id mass]

set default_value [GiD_AccessValue get -default gendata $question]