See source code of gid_themes package inside the scripts folder.


Return the list of available themes



-> GiD_black GiD_classic GiD_classic_renewed

GiD_Set Theme(Current)|Theme(Size)|Theme(MenuType)|Theme(HighResolutionScaleFactor)

Some theme options can be accesed to get/set as GiD variables, with the GiD_Set command

  • Theme(Current) ?<theme_name>?

To get or set the current theme in use (to set a theme it is necessary a GiD restart)


GiD_Set Theme(Current)

-> GiD_classic

  • Theme(Size)

Integer index that represent the incons collection size (small, medium, large,...)

  • Theme(MenuType)

could be:native,generic


On Mac OS X: use traditional Apple's menu bar intead of embed the menu bar inside the GiD main window

On Windows: use native menus

On Linux: is the same as generic

generic: Use Tk buttons for the menus

  • Theme(HighResolutionScaleFactor)

Double value to scale the icons (1.0 by default), to avoid problems with some screen resolutions.